My name is Gail Lipscombe and craft of just about any persuasion is one of my passions.

My day job as editor of Australian NetGuide Magazine pretty much takes care of my second obssession, which is technology in general and the Internet in particular, so this blog is my attempt to have the best of both worlds.

Oh, and you may be wondering why this blog has a mention of cats in its descriptor. Well, that’s my third obsession, as evidenced by my two moggies, the imaginatively named Puss (not my idea; he was inherited!) and the diminutive Minnie (another waif who came for lunch one day, had five kittens and moved in) not to mention a string of felines over the last several decades. My penchant for cats will be demonstrated throughout the blog in all kinds of ways over time.

I hope you enjoy my blog and are tempted to try a few things from it. Happy crafting!

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